Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good Things

So last week I was in Whole Foods, and there was this girl in this really awesome skirt. It was unique and interesting looking to my eyes, and so I boldy went up to her and asked if she happened to make it. She replied that she had not, but that she wanted to re-create it. We started talking sewing, and ended up exchanging numbers. A sewing buddy! A buddy to sew with! She hasn't called yet, as she said she would be busy for awhile, but I certainly hope to hear from her! That would be so awesome!

Tomorrow I am going to purchase muslin for my 6-hour Labor Day class in which we learn to create patterns from garments we don't want to take apart. Yes!!! And I might pick up some of this amazing cotton that I have been fully in love with the past 3 times I've been in the store. It would make such perfect work blouses...