Sunday, August 22, 2010

Post Four

Yeah, I'm really rolling with the post titles. Oh well - creativity elsewhere!

Due to a series of interesting events, I only made it to the last half hour of my last class yesterday. That was a real pity, because I really really really did want to hem some of my work trousers. And I learn so much just from watching people do their other projects and listening to what Alice The Teacher has to teach them. But oh well.

I hemmed up my pj bottoms and I even wore them to bed last night!

It all worked out rather splendidly.

I got to class and popped on my bottoms, Alice measured how long they should be, I pressed up the hems, pressed the raw edge under, pinned it all, and sewed. It took a little longer than it should have, because I had to try on my bottoms twice - instead of pressing up an inch and 3/4 as per Alice's first measurement, I went with an inch and a half. And then I ran out of bobbin thread. Damn it! I was sewing away madly till the very end. But the project is finished! I was happy to wear them last night, as it was deadly cold here. Ugh. So much for summer.

I used a Kwik Sew pattern. I would not at all recommend those patterns. They pretty much suck. Alice and I did some figuring and measuring, and the legs were even wider than the finished measurements were supposed to be. Really, really, really weird.

I can't say much about the pattern directions, as I didn't follow them half the time. Alice took a more intuitive approach with teaching - she had us look at the pattern, but mostly she just taught us how things work, what steps to follow. There were a few points at which we just tossed the directions out of the window.

The fit on these things is kind of stupid. I'm really really glad that I took the legs in - they would have been HUGE otherwise. As it is, there's just enough fabric to be comfortable and not constrict me. The crotch area is a little poofy still, but it's not bad. Kind of just normal for pajama pants. If I hadn't taken the legs in and taken the waist down - oh yeah, I took the waist down like THREE INCHES! - there would have been so much fabric! I do NOT recommend Kwik Sew patterns - they are not at all au courant.

It is highly satisfying to be wearing something that I made myself. And that even looks good. It's pretty awesome.

It is official. I am hooked on sewing.

For those of you who don't yet know - I am pretty lazy when it comes to blogging and pictures. So I hope you appreciate the fact that I took a minute to set up the timer on my camera and scamper over to the wall so that you could get the full effect of the bottoms. You only get the bottoms though, because I'm on my way to changing for a run, and the rest of the picture is me looking down and holding my boobs. Cute, but not quite something I want to post on the internet.

In case you want a pattern from which you have to cut 3 inches off of the waist, add length to the hem, and bring the width in by 3 inches on each leg, it was Kwik Sew 3602.

Funnily enough my bottoms look like the picture, but only because I modified it quite heavily. Weird!

One more thing:

Here is the original Vogue pattern I fell in love with and wanted to make. Well, actually, heck - maybe I will make it in my next class. I purchased it yesterday. Stone Mountain and Daughter had my size in stock. YESSSSS!

I'm completely undecided on the fabric though.

Something new to dream on.

Maybe next time I'll break out a few pictures of my beginning-to-burgeon (oops!) fabric stash.

Yeah, yeah...

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