Thursday, August 19, 2010

Post... Three?

I've had two more sewing classes since my last post. They've gone well. I am just two hems away from having a finished pair of pajamas. I would have had them done last Saturday, but I decided to take them in for width, and I was 15 minutes late to class. I got lost. Oops. I did get the waist band done - elastic in and everything! I learned about stitching in the ditch on each side of the waist to keep the elastic from twisting during use. Cool.

I would say that all in all, this has been a very successful class. In two days I will have a finished pair of pj bottoms that fits me. I've learned a lot of things, and most importantly, I've learned that I actually do like the process of sewing. It's a nice process and knowing what the hell I'm doing helps immensely with the whole thing.

I'm very excited for this coming Saturday because I will also be hemming 3 pairs of trousers for work. Trousers meaning nice pairs of pants that I got at the Gap which were ridiculously expensive. They fit me well though, and the only thing wrong with them is that they're too long for little ole me.

My fabric scissors are working as beautifully as ever.

And I have another pattern picked out for my next class, slated to start the beginning of October - Vouge 1043. I'm thinking charcoal grey wool crepe. Que-pensez vous?

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